All the creativity in the world and all the latest technology is no good if your project starts taking on a life of its own. If you don’t manage your event, it will surely manage you…usually with disastrous results.

Our team has years of experience with live events. We’ve seen it all. When it comes to managing your project, we’ll apply 100% of our know-how, attention to detail and expertise to make your show a success - no matter the size, budget, venue or creative/technical challenges.

Our goal is to head off problems instead of running into them head on.

We handle

  • Labor Management
  • Equipment Purchases or Rentals
  • Equipment Installation
  • Systems Integration
  • On-site Coordination
  • Safety Issues
  • Budget Management
  • Scheduling


And we’ll take on almost any other management responsibility to ensure your event is a success. We understand that it’s not just the part the attendees see, but also all the pieces they don’t see that makes an event a smash hit.