Edge to Edge Event Network Connectivity

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Connectivity is Everything

We live in a connected world, and there is no reason your event should be any different.  Limelight offers a complete range of connectivity services ranging from in-room wired and wireless, to mobile cell based coverage, to multi-site backbones for a broad range of scalable traditional and audiovisual TCP/IP based services. 

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Event Connectivity

Connectivity is key. Limelight can handle all aspects of your event connectivity.

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Wireless Connectivity

In-room or venue wide wireless coverage.

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Multi-site Connectivity

Hosting your event in multiple locations? Limelight can connect your locations transparently.

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Digital Audio

Digital is here to stay. No more ugly cables and racks and racks of gear. Complete digital systems keep your event simple, clean, and lower costs.

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Digital Video

Complete turnkey compact digital video mixing, editing, and presentation systems.

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Digital Lighting

From LEDs to LASERs, wireless or wired.