Limelight currently offers design and consultation, event production, video and sound production, and production management.

We keep your event in the limelight!

Limelight provides the highest quality event design, management and production support using cutting edge technology, perfectly maintained equipment and a professional team of event experts.  Total consistently exceeds expectations by focusing on the details, and by delivering client objectives and innovative performances at a fair price.


Our production designs are the result of a proven collaborative process. At each stage of the design, we involve several individuals, blending in their unique and creative contributions. Since we work with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries, we have a wealth of experience to bring to every design situation.

We never think “inside the box.” Our goal is a unique event for every client, every time.  We listen to our clients’ needs and then structure our response to meet - and exceed - those needs.

We become your partner in communicating your key messages to your clients and customers, your employees and guests. We help you reinforce and polish your brand. We want your event to be memorable.


At Limelight, we’ve built our reputation on the skills and dedication of our core Texas team. When necessary we don’t hesitate to augment our team with handpicked professionals - the best people in the entertainment and events industries -from across the country to meet our client’s needs. This process allows us to custom-tailor an event staff based on the strengths each team member brings to the table for that specific project.